Athletic Recon- Performance Products for the Modern Athlete

Athletic Recon is a modern apparel company fit for the athlete. They design all their clothes for someone who is an active person. Some apparel is more towards street wear, while some of their apparel could be worn during an intense workout.

Ryan Heuser (Founder/Athlete) on his brand:

“As a marathoner, triathlete and overall endurance geek I found that there was a gap between my technical apparel needs and my need to look stylish. I found that the technical apparel often lacked good design and the stylish apparel often lacked functionality. So I asked myself a simple question, “ Why can’t I have both technically sound athletic apparel combined with great design? ” Athletic Recon is my answer. Athletic Recon strives for technically designed athletic apparel with a nod to street fashion.”

Athletic Recon is worn by many professional athletes. Nick Ramirez (Brewers ), Keenan Allen (Chargers), Javier Pineda (IronMan) and more.


(Nick Ramirez)



Recently, I was sent some of Athletic Recon’s gear. The quality is nothing less than amazing. As an athlete, I want apparel with versatility. Athletic Recon gives you the ability to go out with some stylish street gear. Then, when you’re at the gym, you could be wearing Athletic Recon’s performance gear. The gear is made very well and you will not sweat through your shirt during your workout. Athletic Recon’s shorts have a compression short element where they will not slide up during your workout and work as both compression shorts and actual shorts.


If you are an athlete looking for some stylish and performance gear check out Athletic Recon at

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