Keap Athletic Shorts

Had trouble keeping your phone and items in your pockets while taking a round of BP or fielding ground balls? There is now a solution to your problem. The new athletic shorts from Keap Athletics. They are made to keep your items from falling out your pockets. The pockets are horizontally cut instead of vertically. They measure 11″ deep, and do a remarkable job of keeping your belongs safe. No other athletic shorts do a better job of combining security with functionality.


These shorts are 100% polyester fabric that is both comfortable and durable.

These shorts have a 10.5″ inseam cut that is perfectly tailored for a modern look and feel.

Features a 2″ waistband with an extra wide interior drawstring for comfort and have reinforced stitching at the pocket stress points.

The difference between all other athletic shorts and Keap athletic shorts.





As you can see in the two Gifs below, Keap athletic shorts keeps your phone in your pocket while the other pair of shorts does not.

Being a ballplayer myself these shorts will be great for when I am at the gym, or in the cages.


Keap Athletics recently raised over $20,000 with over 500 backers on Kick Starter. They are now taking pre orders on their website

The shorts come in three colors: Black, Summit Grey , and Crisp Coral. (Shown below)







Check them out at:

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