Two Hands Pro: Defensive Tool 

The newest way to improve your defensive skills has hit the market- Two Hands Pro. Two Hands Pro is an inserted device that can fit any glove. The Two Hands Pro forces your glove to stay open by using a two hand technique. The Two Hands Pro will get you a soft hands approach  and a quick transition to throwing. It helps to stop errors and build your confidence!


Two Hands Pro

Here is what has been said about the Two Hands Pro:

“Two Hands Pro Defensive Training tool is perfect for teaching the fundamentals of defense.””

— Bill Bryk “MLB Scout of the Year 2013” AZ Diamondbacks

“It should be in every kids bag.”

— Pedro Gomez “ESPN”

““I really like it. Helps you not be too fast, helps you to slow down and field it correctly. Helps you get use to grabbing the ball from the middle of gloves pocket, where sometimes I don’t grab the ball cleanly and that throws off my mechanics which leads to ERRORS.”

— KC Serna “Short Stop” Philadelphia Phillies(AA)

“This tool helped me master the defensive game, I was drafted out of high school. I had been using a version of this tool since I was 12.”

— The inventor D.J. Jackson “Drafted by LA Dodgers at 17 years old.”

“It helps me remember to use both hands.”

— Joe Cozenza “9u Player from Simi Valley Youth baseball”


Here is a demo video for the Two Hands Pro:

Make sure you check out Two Hands Pro on Social Media:

If you are looking to take your game to the next level make sure you check out

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