Baseball/Motivational Videos

This page is dedicated to baseball and motivational videos made by CJ Beatty. Cj Beatty is a Professional Baseball Player .He is also a motivational speaker who has a YouTube Channel where he posts baseball tips, the mindset, motivation and more. We will be working closely together to bring you videos that will help to make you more successful in life and baseball.


This video is called “Practice” to show you the true meaning of practice and perseverance

This Motivational Nuggets Video will inspire you mentally and physically. Featured is Maxx Tissenbaum, MiLB Tampa Rays Catching Prospect. He will take you through an Off-Season Workout routine for Catchers and Inspiring catchers.



Baseball is more than just a sport. Baseball is life for some people. This video will allow you to learn how important “sports” can be in a persons life. The sport of baseball is filled with more downs then ups…but in the end, Baseball will turn the ones who stuck with it into men.

“Tee Work” with CJ Beatty, why the tee is an important tool!

“Identifying Your Weakness”  with CJ Beatty discussing all of baseball with the Dirtbags Showcase Baseball Team.

“The Grind”


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